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Update from Paul Revere Masonic Angel Fund (Brockton, MA)

January 2009

 Today the Foundation received the monthly notice from Paul Revere Lodge in Brockton, Massachusetts. 

 We were pleased to see that the Masterís message was dedicated to the fine work of Bruce Pratt and the Paul Revere Masonic Angel Fund.  Below is what was written by James M. Hardy, presiding Master of Paul Revere Lodge.

As I write this message in mid-December, I can't help but think of friends and family during this holiday season, and how blessed we have been. In this time of celebration, we must also remember those less fortunate than we are. Around the world, over 3 million dollars a day is contributed to charity by Masons. That is a hard number to comprehend. In order to reach a number like $3 million, it takes contributions of every amount at every level. I would like to dedicate the rest of this message to the Paul Revere Masonic Angel Fund. The following update was provided by RW Bruce Pratt.

 "The Paul Revere Masonic Angel Fund is now serving 13 elementary schools in Brockton, Easton and West Bridgewater. Our Angel Fund receives many requests every month and we cheerfully respond to every reasonable request. We are slowly continuing to grow and the long range program is to serve all 23 elementary schools in Brockton."

 "What better way to spread Freemasonry throughout our community. Many thanks to all who have contributed to the Angel Fund in the past and continue to support this program through donations. Enclosed are actual letters of thanks from the schools and families that have benefited from the Paul Revere Masonic Angel Fund. - RW Bruce Pratt."

 The following was received from the Plouffe School in Brockton - "Dear Mr. Pratt and Fellow Masons - We, at the Plouffe School, would like to extend our sincerest thanks to you and the charitable works you do to help children in need. Your generosity enabled one of our handicapped students to receive sneakers to accommodate a leg brace. The family was very appreciative and asked that we forward their thanks. As always, your ongoing commitment to the Plouffe Elementary Schools is very much appreciated"

 The following was received from the Moreau Hall School in Easton - "Dear Mr. Pratt ≠ Enclosed is an envelope from the family of 4 children which your organization so generously assisted in obtaining much needed winter clothing." The letter from the family reads: "To whom it may concern - I am truly thankful for your generous donation to my family. I took all my children to K-Mart and told them ''That a really nice person gave mommy the gift cards to buy you all new clothes." They were curious on why someone would do that. I told them it was out of kindness of their hearts. I gave them all a spending limit each of $80. I was surprised one of my girls got 6 outfits at 40% off. Well I don't know what to say or do to show my appreciation but to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. My kids also wanted to thank you too. Happy Holidays and God Bless."

 Gentlemen, it takes donations of every amount to make up $3 million. Be assured, through the Paul Revere Masonic Angel Fund, a contribution of any amount will make a difference to a child or family as the above letters demonstrate. After reading these letters, I am filled with pride to be Master and a member of this great Lodge. Many thanks to RW Bruce Pratt for all his hard work on behalf of our Lodge and the Paul Revere Masonic Angel Fund.

Fraternally, Jim