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Subject: Thank you letter

March 6, 2011 – We receive many wonderful letters from our partners in the schools and social service agencies that we serve.  Once a while we see a letter that really sums up what our program means to people.   Below is a letter from Ms. Cara Balboni, School Counselor at the Clifford M. Granger School in Agawam, MA.  Elm-Belcher Masonic Angel Fund has served the Granger School since 2004. 

We congratulate Elm-Belcher on the wonderful difference they have made for so many children in their community.  The context of Ms. Balboni’s letter is a wonderful Christmas benevolence that was done for some 28 children at two schools in Agawam.  The school arranged the purchase of gifts for these children who would not otherwise have had a Christmas and then staged a Christmas party for “Santa” to distribute the gifts.   This benevolence was only about $26 per child and made a huge impact on these families at a most challenging time. 

Ms. Balboni’s letter says the rest with great eloquence:


January 25th , 2011

To: The members and Master of Elm-Belcher Lodge 

I am hoping that you will be able to share this letter with the members of your lodge. I am truly moved by the generosity your members have shown. Without exception, each child attending the Holiday party told me that it was truly amazing. Most of the children who attended all too often do not have much to celebrate. Each time I have called the Masonic Angel Fund for help, you have generously provided help and hope for a needy child. I have worked in the human service field for over twenty years and I have never encountered an organization willing to provide assistance at a moment’s notice with a seamless delivery system. Without your fund, many of our children would be left without adequate food, clothing and medical supplies as they often must wait for the "system" to provide them with the bare essentials.  The Masonic Angel Fund is truly a life line for the needy children at Clifford M. Granger School. My warm wishes are sent to all of your members who should know that their work truly has made a difference in the lives of our children. 

With gratitude, 

Cara Balboni, School Counselor

Clifford M. Granger School