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St. Alban's MAF Helps with Clothing for School
 On 11/9/06  St. Alban's Masonic Angel Fund received a call from  the  guidance councilor at the Foxboro Ahern Middle School requesting Wal-Mart gift cards totaling $250 for 5 students from 4 families.  The students need school clothing and the families are unable to afford the clothing.
1-boy-grade 8 from family #1
1-girl-grade 6 from family #2
1-boy-grade 8 from family #2
1-girl-grade 7 from family #3
1-boy-grade 6 from family #4
The Wal-Mart cards were delivered on 11/10/06.
 The counselor also requested assistance for the 6th grade boy from family #4 to get an eye exam and glasses.   We  were able to talk to Dr. [name omitted] in Foxboro and he agreed to provide the services for the boy.  If for some reason payment is required,  the St. Albanís Lodge Masonic Angel Fund will provide assistance.