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October 2004

10/29 - Needham Masonic Angel Fund
This benevolence is for a second-grade boy to attend a ten-week session at the Academy of Physical & Social Development. This student lives with his mother and a younger sibling. The mother is divorced and is currently not receiving any child support. There is no other financial assistance available to her at this time. The student was recently diagnosed with Aspergerís Syndrome. The ten-week session costs $520. The mother is contributing $120.00 toward the total amount. The Needham Masonic Angel Fund has been asked for $400.00.

10/25 - Boston First Fund (Boston, MA)
Carolyn Boehne from Boston's ABCD Head Start called Friday evening at 8:30 to report a family in distress. Four boys (ages 3, 4, 9 and 11) had been left homeless by a fire this week. The two youngest children attend the Charlestown Head Start program.

Carolyn and Charlestown Head Start supervisor Irene McColl requested $150 per child to purchase necessary clothing and personal items for each boy.

With MAF's usual fast response, the check was on its way first thing Saturday morning. However, knowing that the benevolence was approved, the Head Start ladies took the kids shopping over the weekend

10/24 - Madison Lodge #93 MAF (Madison, NJ) reports...
"...we were privileged to make our first grant of $290 in May to provide tuition for a special needs student for a special summer program that he parents could not afford"

10/23 - From Charlie Montalbano at Star-Athol Masonic Angel Fund (Athol, MA)
"A single dad with three boys lost everything in a fire in Athol in August. They were moved to temporary quarters and supplied the necessities to keep them going. Two weeks ago we received a call for help. They moved back to their apartment and realized they had very little in the way of winter clothes. We bought the boys coats, hats, gloves, pants, shirts, and underwear. Total spent $450.00. Three very happy boys and a grateful father. "

10/22 - Recent activity by the St. Alban's Masonic Angel Fund in Foxboro.
On 10/22/04 Lurleen White, guidance councilor at the Ahearn Middle School called to request money for winter jackets shoes, mittens, etc. for 7 middle school children.
5th grade girl
5th grade boy
(2) 6th grade girls
7th grade girl
8th grade boy
8th grade girl

Seven $50 wal-mart gift cards were delivered to Lurleen within 2 hours of her request.
10/20 - St. Alban's Lodge, Foxboro - The Linda Cavossa Charitable Foundation established and runs the "Fresh Start" program. This program is designed to provide needy children in Foxboro with a set of back to school supplies including a backpack, pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, etc. Each child also received new back to school clothing essentials. The list of children in need was provided by each local school's guidance councilor.

For the Fall 2004 school year, 57 Foxboro children received back to school supplies packages from the Fresh Start program.
St. Alban's Masonic Angel Fund was able to provide $2,000 to the Fresh Start program for the Fall 2004 campaign and presented a check to the Fresh Start program's Director Amy Garrabrant on 10/19/04.
10/18 - Congratulations to Olive Branch Lodge, Millbury, MA for becoming our 88th Masonic Angel Fund