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The Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation


Frequently Asked Questions about Adopting a Masonic Angel Fundô
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The following is a list of some of the questions asked of the Masonic Angel Foundation staff by Lodges interested in sponsoring a Masonic Angel Fund.

bulletWhat are the benefits to my Lodge if it sponsors a Masonic Angel Fund?
The primary benefit to your Lodge is an increase in community awareness as you provide significant services to local children. Secondary benefits include unification of your Brethren and attraction of new members to work for a common purpose in the community. The Masonic Angel Fund is an excellent program to re-vitalize and grow your Lodge.

bulletWho will provide financial support to our local Masonic Angel Fund?
The experience of the Universal Lodge Masonic Angel Fund was that most of our financial support came from the Brethren themselves. Our "typical" Masonic donor is a Brother who does not usually attend Lodge but wishes to support our child-oriented community programs. We also received significant memorial donations when one of our more popular members passed away. A very significant portion of our funding came from the local York Rite bodies. In 1998 and 1999 the York Rite offered their annual Commandery Christmas observance as a fund-raiser for the Masonic Angel Fund. These two events raised approximately $5,000 for the local Fund.

bulletHow does the Foundation interact with my Lodge if we sponsor a Masonic Angel Fund?
The Foundation functions as a facilitator and advisory group for local Masonic Angel Funds. Once a Masonic Angel Fund is licensed to your Lodge you are responsible for maintaining the Ten Standards and for filing periodic reports with the Foundation. Other than that, the program is your local program. The Foundation staff is available to answer your questions as you begin to receive requests for assistance from your local schools. We also work with state and national charities and corporations to develop grant funding opportunities for schools served by Masonic Angel Funds.

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