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Needham notes

By Times Staff
Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Masonic Angel Fund assists local elementary school students

The newly formed Needham Masonic Angel Fund, sponsored by Nehoiden Masonic Lodge, recently awarded benevolent grants of more than $5,000 to several Needham Elementary School students.

Grants included scholarships to a camp for children with diabetes, summer math camp, hearing aids, summer special education programs, summer sports camp, academic achievement program, and a reading development program.

The Needham Masonic Angel Fund is currently working with the Needham Knights of Columbus helping to provide a wheelchair lift for a disabled student.

The Masonic Angel Fund provides modest assistance to children in need who do not fit the criteria for the usual social service programs. This assistance is requested through local schools. Such assistance might be to provide a pair of eyeglasses, a coat, shoes, field trip fees, a portion of after school program tuition, music lessons, art instruction or summer camp. The Masonic Angel Fund can help with virtually any need that will broaden a child's educational experience or self-esteem.

How Does It Work? Working closely with the school staff in our community, the Masons learn of a child's need through a school nurse, counselor or administrator. The Masons review the request and respond to the school within one business day, or less.

All requests for Masonic Angel Fund assistance are anonymous - the Masons never know who the child is. No "paperwork" is required. The school staff identifies and verifies the needs of the child and then the Masons take it from there.

One hundred percent of all monies raised in the name of the Needham Masonic Angel Fund stays in the community and is used for the assistance of local school students. Nehoiden Lodge covers all "overhead" expenses from their own operating funds.

The Masonic Angel Fund is a national charity program that was founded by members of the Universal Masonic Lodge at Orleans, in 1998. A 501 (c) (3) charitable foundation was established in 2000 to replicate this program at Masonic Lodges throughout the nation.

Each Masonic Angel Fund is operated by local Masons under standards set forth and administered by the Masonic Angel Foundation Inc. Sources at the foundation's headquarters in Orleans estimate that all Masonic Angel Funds combined will award more than $1 million in benevolences annually by 2004.

Questions about the Needham Masonic Angel Fund may be addressed to the Masonic Angel Fund Trustees at Nehoiden Masonic Lodge, 1101 Highland Ave., Needham, MA 02492, or visit