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Masons Lend A Helping Hand


Neponset Valley Daily News - February 15, 2002

NORWOOD — Some needy elementary students may be getting a helping hand this year, thanks to the Norwood Mason Lodge’s Angel Fund.

Mechanisms were put in place this week that will allow elementary school principals to request help for students who may need anything from a winter coat to a book bag to dental work.

The principals will simply notify the Angel Fund Trustees and obtain the needed help.

According to trustee David Laronde, the program could even expand at a later date.

" We’d like to start with the elementary schools because we just don’t know how many requests are going to come, " said Laronde.

Laronde said the program is not aimed at replacing any existing social services or programs. Thus, requests could be for almost anything.

" We want to fill in the holes, " said Laronde, who added that there is money in the fund currently and the Masons would be doing additional fund-raising within the community.

For example, Laronde said in a neighboring town, the Angel Fund was used when a mother and children moved to town abruptly and didn’t have any furniture. Since there didn’t seem to be another resource to tap, the Masons stepped in and bought the family bedding and a dining room table.

But Laronde also said that the Masons can also help in terms of professional services, especially dental work. Since the Masons have ongoing programs that involve the dental community, Laronde said there is a lot of help available on that front, whether it be dental professionals donating work, or doing it at a discount.

Laronde said the requests can be identified by anyone in the school community — the school nurse, guidance councilor, teacher or administrator — he just asked that the request be confidential. Laronde said he would then drop off a check to the building principal within 24 hours.

" This is an excellent program, " said acting Superintendent Ed Quigley. " I think in a lot of our schools, we have families that live right on the edge, and the safety net is shrinking. "

School Committee member Toni Eosco summed up the sentiments of School Committee and expressed appreciation to the Masons for their generosity, " I think this fund is very aptly named, " she said.


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