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Lodge starts Angel Fund (Actual article may be viewed here while link is active)

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Looking for ways to support the children and youth of Arlington, the Russell Lodge of Masons (Academy Street) has initiated its own Masonic Angel Fund.

It is the 53rd such fund to be approved under the auspices of the Masonic Angel Foundation and is dedicated to providing direct financial assistance to children in need within the town of Arlington. Primarily operating in coordination with local public school principals, guidance staff and nurses, the Masonic Angel Fund is geared to respond immediately when presented with a compelling need.

With seed money provided by the Russell Lodge, the Masonic Angel Fund trustees have begun making contact with school personnel who have direct knowledge of challenging situations facing children in our area.

Similar funds operated by other area lodges have assisted by providing basic clothing, camperships for after-school programs and camps, field trip fees and educational enhancements at the request of school professionals who are in direct contact with children and families.

"The unique element to this program is that our committee is able to make immediate decisions when presented with requests from our contacts within the school," said Trustee Ted Wilson. "We trust them to make the professional assessment that a relatively small financial gift could make a significant difference to a child and his or her family."

Within the first months of operation, gifts were made in support of a local elementary school child and two high school students. Wilson further said the stated goal of the Masonic Angel Foundation and Funds is to provide support within 24 hours of being asked by a school representative.

Seeking to play a role in Arlington's safety net for families, the Masonic Angel Fund is supported by members of the Russell Lodge as well as community citizens wishing to make contributions. There are no administrative fees charged to the fund, so 100 percent of all the money received goes directly to serving Arlington's children.

To learn more, contact Ted Wilson (781-641-5985). Contributions may be mailed to the Russell Lodge Masonic Angel Fund, c/o Robert Nichols, Treasurer, 19 Academy St., Arlington 02476.