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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Masons assist kids of military families
By Minuteman Staff
Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Frank W. Thompson Masonic Lodge in Bedford recently participated in an effort to provide much-needed back-to-school clothing and school supplies to Massachusetts children of actively deployed military. The lodge joined the USO and the Masonic Angel Fund to assist the kids of military currently serving our country during this challenging time.

     Through this effort, the most critical and urgent needs of children of active deployed military will be met. The children can receive new clothing, supplies and shoes in an effort to ease the burden faced by their families in an effort to set the table for a positive educational experience.

     Children and their families are receiving gift certificates to various grocery, shoe, clothing and department stores, which can be redeemed for much-needed supplies and clothing. In addition, the Masons and the USO are working with the retailers participating in this program to arrange discounts, free items and other benefits for the kids and their families.

     "We are very thankful that the Masons have stepped forward once again to help our children," said Alice Harkins, executive director of the USO New England. "Back to school time can be very trying both financially and emotionally for these families who are very thankful for the support provided by the Masons and other corporate citizens."

     "The Masons are devoted to helping the children of the commonwealth, especially those with family members serving our country," said Bob Fellows, co-founder of the Masonic Angel Fund. "The USO does such a wonderful job helping the family members of the military and we are proud that we can also help out during this challenging time in our nation's history."

     One of the fastest-growing Masonic charities in the world, The Masonic Angel Fund was founded in 1998 by John Alden Sherman and Robert W. Fellows of Universal Lodge A.F. & A.M. in Orleans, MA, and has spread to 87 Lodges in nine states. One of the fundamental principles of the MAF is that 100 percent of the money raised stays in that community and every penny goes to the kids. A cornerstone of the program is the close relationship that develops between the local school system and the sponsoring Lodge, allowing the children to be served in a rapid, efficient manner, underscoring the legacy of Masons as the "can do" people in the community. By the end of this year, total gifts through the Masonic Angel Fund nationwide are expected to top $1 million. More information about the Masonic Angel Fund is available at

     The Masonic Angel Fund is only one of a number of community initiatives that Massachusetts Masons are involved with, including programs focusing on education, blood donation, child identification and individual charity and support to those in need. The Masons is a worldwide social and charitable fraternal organization, whose mission is to instill and encourage honesty, integrity and charity to benefit mankind while creating friendship and understanding between men without concern for race, creed, religion or national origin. The Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts is comprised of approximately 45,000 members of 270 lodges in nearly 200 communities across the commonwealth.

     For information about the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts, visit or call 617-426-6040.



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Jon Kniss
Account Manager
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