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The Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation


"The Ten Standards"
September 6, 2007 

The standards below must be adopted by a vote of a Lodge as part of the adoption process for the Masonic Angel Fund. 

1.       Screening of recipients of Masonic Angel Fund benevolence must be conducted by the local school principals, nurses, guidance counselors or other professionals recognized by the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.  Members of the Lodge and local independent MAF trustees are to avoid direct contact with recipient children and their families.  The exception to this is when a Mason is acting in his professional role within the scope of his private practice, such as with a Mason who happens to be a dentist, physician or other health care professional.

2.       Grants from the Masonic Angel Fund™ are to be made for direct services to a child.  The Foundation discourages awards for rental payments, utility bills and expenses of that nature.  (See the list of examples of services provided that appears in the recommended Masonic Angel Fund information flyer.)

3.       100% of all funds raised in the name of the Masonic Angel Fund™ must be designated for 501(c)(3) purposes and used in  providing services to the client population of local children.  Monies are to be deposited in a state or federally chartered depository institution in accounts that are insured and guaranteed not to lose value.  These depository parameters do not apply to funds donated for the purpose of establishing an endowment fund.

4.       100% of all funds raised in the name of the Masonic Angel Fund™ must be used for 501(c)(3) purposes, specifically for children in the communities defined in the resolution to sponsor the local Masonic Angel Fund.

5.       Independent trustees of the Masonic Angel Fund™ must be duly empowered to respond to and consistently respond to all requests for Angel Fund benevolence within no more than one business day.

6.       All activities performed in the name of the Masonic Angel Fund™ must be conducted in conformity with the laws, rules and regulations of the Grand Lodge under whose jurisdiction the participating Lodge falls.  All fundraising by affiliate Masonic Angel Funds must conform to federal, state and local laws and regulations as well as the rules and regulations of the Grand Lodge under whose jurisdiction the sponsoring Lodge falls.  If a particular fundraiser is not permitted for a Masonic Lodge in your state then it is not permitted for your Masonic Angel Fund.

7.       The sponsoring Lodge must pay all “overhead” expenses the local Masonic Angel Fund from its own Lodge funds.  Expenses such as the annual affiliate dues, postage, printing and fund raising expenses are never to be paid with Masonic Angel Fund monies.  The sole exception to this would be in a case like a dinner fund-raiser, where the net dinner profits would go to the Fund after the cost of food is paid.

8.       The sponsoring Lodge must vote prescribed resolutions or (if necessary in their jurisdiction) make by-law revisions to provide protection of the funds raised in the name of the Masonic Angel Fund™.  The intent of this standard is to ensure that a Lodge will not invade Masonic Angel Fund monies in a time of financial distress.  The resolution or by-law revision must include an IRS acceptable method of disposition of Masonic Angel Fund monies if the Lodge closes, merges or votes to discontinue its participation in the Masonic Angel Fund™.

9.       The sponsoring Lodge must receive permission from its Grand Lodge to participate in the Masonic Angel Fund program if such permission is required in the jurisdiction under which the Lodge falls.

10.    The affiliate Masonic Angel Fund must prepare and submit periodic reports of activity as requested by the Foundation.  The annual affiliate dues will be invoiced approximately sixty days before the anniversary date of the affiliate MAF.  All reports must be submitted and affiliate dues paid for a Masonic Angel Fund to be considered in good standing with the Foundation. 

These ten standards comprise the primary operating parameters of the Masonic Angel Fund.  Sample resolutions to adopt a Masonic Angel Fund are available from the Foundation.

It is the intention of the Foundation’s directors that the process of a Lodge’s adopting the Masonic Angel Fund should be very similar to the process that a Lodge follows to sponsor a DeMolay Chapter.  This requires a Lodge vote to form a local Masonic Angel Fund.  The primary thrust of the “ten standards” is to see that the overall operation of affiliated Masonic Angel Funds is consistent with the operating practices adopted and endorsed by the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc.