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The Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation


Why Should Your Lodge Adopt The Masonic Angel Fund?
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The Masonic Angel Fund is far and away the single best Masonic Awareness and community service program anywhere. 

Any Lodge can offer a Masonic Angel Fundô - even one with the most meager manpower and financial resources. The MAF is an excellent program for your community. It is also a positive force to create enthusiasm in your Lodge by creating opportunities for the Brethren to work together doing generous things for children. The Masonic Angel Fundô is a program that can energize even your least active Brothers. Better still, because of the way MAF presents the Craft to your community it should make men want to join your Lodge

If you are a Mason or have friends who are Masons and have would like to learn more about the Masonic Angel Fundô, please contact the Foundation office at 508-255-8812 or send an email message to info@masonicangelfund.org or download our information package.

To make a donation to the Masonic Angel Fundô click here or send your contribution to the Masonic Angel Foundation, Inc, Box 1389, Orleans, MA 02653. Checks should be made payable to the Masonic Angel Foundation.