Top 10 LED Stage Lightings 2020 Reviews

Are you interested in providing your stage with better illumination? Are you looking to upgrade your stage lights for a better version? If you are, you might as well buy yourself proper LED stage lights! LED stage lights are made with powerful and durable LED bulbs which can provide a wide range of color mixtures of RGB or RGBW to fully illuminate your stage.

However good LED stage lights may be, choosing which one to buy from the mountainous piles of options is not easy. For the ultimate LED light experience, we are here to help you. In this article, we are going to present to you the top 10 best-LED stage lightings on the market with a critical and neutral review as well as a comprehensive buying guide. Here are the factors that you need to consider.

Product Features:

Number of Lights: Like we said earlier, LED stage lights are normally sold in packages. In each package, you are certain to get a different number of lights depending on the brand or the product you purchase. Thus, you should consider getting the right amount of lights that suit your space. Packages may vary from 1 to 2 to even 8 LED stage lights. What you need to do is consider your stage space. If you have a very large space in need of illumination, opt for a higher number of packages. If your stage is on the smaller side, you may want to consider getting only the 2 or 4 packs. On top of that, think of the ambiance. Keep these things in mind before deciding what to purchase.

Power Output and Colors: Just like any stage lightings, the LED lights are designed to suit different power outputs. Make sure that you pick the one that suits your needs. Most LED stage lights have up to 72W or 36W power output or more. Keep in mind that if you’re looking for superior brightness or illumination, opt for the ones that have higher power outputs. You also need to look for lights with RGB or RGBW colors for a different quality of colors on stage. Make sure you’re familiar with the range of colors you can get from the LED stage lights before buying it.

Lighting Modes: Most LED stage lights in the market offer a variety of lighting modes where you can adjust the lights to your liking. It may vary from 7 lighting modes to 9 lighting modes. Lighting modes may include fade mode, auto-play, strobe mode and/or sound-activated function, and such. If you’re going to spend money anyways, make sure that it is worth it. You will never know if it might become useful later!

10. Mini Moving Head Stage Light RGBW (4 in 1) by LeeNabao

Mini Moving Head Stage Light RGBW (4 in 1) by LeeNabao

Starting off strong with the number 10th best-LED stage lighting by LeeNabao. This is the mini moving head stage light RGWB 4in1 combo. It is made to be super lightweight with a super bright lighting effect. The stage lights’ heads are movable with 4 control modes such as DMX512, Master-Slave, Sound Active, and Automatic. The brand ensures that the lights have a 100,000 hours lifespan. With its technology, you will be able to have a super beam spot effect with RGBW color and support DMX for any magical lighting effects. You won’t have to worry about setting up as well as it is designed for convenience! It comes with a mounting bracket that you can use to hang on truss or install on a wall as well as put on the ground in any environment for great lighting. It comes in 2 package options: 1 moving headlight and 4 moving headlights. Each package includes DMX cable, manual, bracket, and screws on top of the LED light heads.


  • Lightweight, convenient and easy to install
  • 4 control modes with super bright lighting
  • SuperBeam Spot Effect with RGBW color and DMX support

9. DJ Lights Moving Head U`King Mini LED Moving Head Light

DJ Lights Moving Head U`King Mini LED Moving Head Light

Moving along, we have the mini LED moving head light by U`King at the 9th spot. It comes with a 4 in 1 RGBW lighting effect and bright LED lamp beads for great color mixing effects. Just like the previous model, the moving headlights have 4 control modes. It comes with a built-in program for professional dimming, strobe speed, and RGRW color changes. The moving head can rotate fast, smooth, and accurate with a 540-degree pan and 230-degree title movements. This product is suitable to use in any situation ranging from DJ shows, family parties, and such. The package includes 2 moving head lights, daisy-chained 3-pin DMX connection, and other tools for easy setup of the stage lights. You will not have to worry about them being too complicated or too time-consuming to set up simultaneously.


  • Package of 2 moving headlights
  • Built-in program for the ultimate lighting quality
  • 4 control modes and great rotation

8. Mounting Ark 15W LED White Spot Light

Mounting Ark 15W LED White Spot Light

At number 8, we have the LED white spotlight by Mountain Ark. This is made to provide you the best visual lighting effects to boost your enthusiasm as well as the atmosphere of your stage. It is made to be a white spotlight that provides white and round chasing light effects for a better variation on stage. It runs on 15W with manual focusing. You can just simply turn the aperture slice to adjust the focal lighting and the lens to adjust the clarity! Depending on the distance of the projection, you can have the white spotlight at a range of 2m, 1.6m, 1.4m, or 1m in diameter. This is a great option to use in accompany with a fog machine in parties, bars, banquets, and such. The light comes with a cable for easy installation, and if you’re interested in hanging it above your stage, you can. Simply loosen the built-in screws and drill holes to fix the screws down. Easy!


  • A variety of light projection range, aperture, and clarity
  • White round chasing light effect
  • Perfect for using with a fog machine

7. Lixada 10 Packs DMX-512 RGBW LED Stage

Lixada 10 Packs DMX-512 RGBW LED Stage

Next, we have the LED stage lights by Lixada. This is a great option for the more entertaining atmospheres. The LED stage lights come with built-in different color bulbs for better coloring options. You can choose from 7 modes: static color, color changing, color fade, auto, sound, master-slave, and even DMX. It works very well both as up-lighting or spot-lighting. The lights have a 15W power outlet on the fixture which can daisy chain up to 10 light heads at a time. In terms of control, you can do it easily by using the manual programming buttons for various color effects. It is better than the previous models as it could also be used without DMX. You can use it in parties, or any gigs without any pressure as it is very convenient to install and use as well as easy to control.


  • Different colors built-in light bulbs for better color options
  • Daisy chain up to 10 lights
  • 7 lighting modes with built-in control and program

6. Stage Par Light RGBW 9x10W LED Uplighting by Easy Dancing

Stage Par Light RGBW 9x10W LED Uplighting by Easy Dancing

At number 6 on our list of the top 10 best-LED stage lightings, we have the LED stage lights by Easy Dancing. This is a four pieces package of 9 bulbs x 10W RGBW LED bulbs in 4 colors. With this product, you will be able to control and adjust the brightness of each color individually for the ultimate stage lights. It is easily controlled with the help of the remote and the professional sound activated controller. You can choose from 8 color modes for lighting from static color, color changing, color fade, auto, sound, master-slave, jump, or DMX. The product is guaranteed to have up to 50000 hours life span as well as low power consumption. This LED stage lighting head is designed to be lightweight and stable with a stylish black finish. It can be set up easily and quickly with the dual mounting brackets!


  • 365 days warranty
  • 8 lighting modes with a remote and controller
  • 9 bulbs in each lighting head with 4 color options

5. Tomshine 80W Moving Head Stage Light

Tomshine 80W Moving Head Stage Light

We’re reaching the top half of the list. Starting with the 5th best, we have the moving head stage light by the brand Tomshine. This LED stage light is among the highest power outlets we have on the list. It is designed for large events that require strong and bright lights with 50W light source and 80W total power. The stage light is made of high-quality abs plastic material for better durability and transportability. Performance-wise, it is equipped with the technology to shake and change the lighting from rainbow or 8 colors and even offer 8 gorgeous patterns. The lights also provide flexible control modes while adopting professional 9/11 channels as well as support most DMX512 and other modes. Sound control, master-slave control, auto-running mode, you name it, the Tomshine stage lights have it!


  • Bringing the perfect visual effect for any occasions
  • High and bright power outlet
  • 8 colors and patterns available

4. LUNSY DJ Par Lights

LUNSY DJ Par Lights

Next on our list, we have the LUNSY DJ Par lights. This is a great lighting option for parties, stages, concerts, and such. The lights are designed for bright and colorful projection with the 36 LED light beads that are built-in to the light heads. The par light will help you create the best atmosphere for any occasion with adjustable color controls. It comes with 7 lighting modes that are similar to the previous products’ offers as well as adjustable speed control for color changing speed. Despite its size, it can be set up easily with 2 dual designed brackets and screws. You will be able to efficiently and quickly set up the lights anywhere to illuminate every corner of your stage! You can choose between a 2 pieces package and a 6 pieces package depending on your needs and the size of your space.


  • Bright, colorful and adjustable stage lights
  • Multi-lighting modes and speed
  • Easy to set up and use

3. DJ Lights Missyee 36 X 1W RGB LEDs

DJ Lights Missyee 36 X 1W RGB LEDs

The third best-LED stage lightings on our list are none other than the LED DJ lights by Missyee. The stage lights come with 36 RGB built-in light beads that are DMX controllable to provide the utmost quality in illuminating and coloring the stage. This product guaranteed its high-efficiency performance and 100,000 hours of working time. On top of that, it comes with 9 functional lighting modes including Jump mode and Strobe mode which are not commonly found in other products. You will not only receive the lighting heads but also the remote control as well as the instruction manual. With this, you can rest assured that there will be no problem setting up the lights as well as use them afterward. It also comes with a dual handle design for easy installation as well as adjusting angles.


  • Easy installation and application
  • 365 days service guarantee
  • Reliable, sturdy and flexible

2. Led Stage Lights-4 pack by YeeSite

Led Stage Lights-4 pack by YeeSite

The second best-LED stage light on our list is the LED stage lights by YeeSite. This is designed to be a professional and powerful stage light for any occasion. It comes in 7 lighting beads and 4 in 1 LED lighting heads that have a 25-degree beam angle for a wide wash and smooth color mixing. If you buy this product, you can choose from 9 operational lighting modes as well as control the par light with the wireless RF remote. With just a few clicks, you will be able to control the color, speed, and potent of the light projection! The easy daisy-chaining of power and sit-flat design makes it even more convenient!


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Wireless remote control and daisy-chaining power outlet
  • Professional and versatile operational modes

1. CO-Z LED Stage Lights with Remote

CO-Z LED Stage Lights with Remote

The best-LED stage lighting on our list is the CO-Z stage lights. This will undoubtedly bring you a colorful and dynamic as well as well-lit space with limitless color combos and variations. It is also easy to control and use in 3 possible options: 4 back-buttons, DMX controller, and the remote control. Just like any other product on the list, it provides a wide variety of lighting modes as well as speed adjustment for better application of the product. It is also flexible and versatile which means you can use it anywhere you want for any occasion. With the manual, you will be able to operate it to its potential effortlessly. It works best as ambiance provider, stage lights, or even party lights! You will not have to worry about wasting your money, this product is worth it!


  • Multiple modes and adjustments
  • Versatile, reliable and flexible
  • Easy to use and set-up
  • 3 ways control


LED stage lights come in a huge variety of options as you have already realized. Choosing the best one for your needs requires a lot of consideration, we understand that. Hopefully, with our help, you can make the decision easier without feeling too overwhelmed. Remember to keep the buying guides and your purposes in mind before making the decision. Happy Shopping!

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