Top 10 Best Low Profile Ceiling Fans 2020 Reviews

A ceiling fan is actually quite a must for each house. Not only can it help reduce the electricity bill by using less of the air-conditioning, but it also helps gives your house a stylish look. In case your room has a lower ceiling than that of the hall room, then this low-profile ceiling fan is the best one for you. Unlike a normal ceiling fan, this type of fan is closer to the ceiling and has either a short down rod or none at all.

Since there are various options available on the market, you may get quite overwhelming when you have to decide on the right one to buy. So, we have sorted those options to just top 10 best low profile ceiling fans. You can go and browse through their features and advantages below. But first, you may need some simple guides to help you make a better decision.

Product Features:

Pull Chain: With the pull chain, you can turn on the fan by just pulling the metal chain that hangs from the fan motor. The numbers of pull determine the speed that you want. Normally, the low-profile ceiling comes with 3-speed settings.

Remote: Sometimes, the control option comes in a remote control that is pretty much more convenient than the pull chain. In a way, you can just do a press on your remote and the fan is turned on. You may experience some troubles with power on and off the fan with a remote depending on the location of the receiver. So, make sure you check this problem out before the purchase.

Wall Switch: The control option may also come in a wall switch. Just install a simple wall switch, and you’ll easily turn the fan on/off or control its speed as well.

Most of the low-profile ceiling fan comes with built-in lighting. The ceiling fan with the LED light bulbs is good in a way that you can have both lighting and a fan in just one piece which saves both your time and money. However, there are also some complaints that the built-in light that comes with the fan is not bright enough. So, just decide based on your preference. If you want a brighter setting, then choose the low-profile ceiling that has a good review of its lighting. Or you can just choose a non-LED light fan, and install another bright light bulb in your room.

10. Emerson Ceiling Fans

Emerson Ceiling Fans

Coming first on the list, this Emerson ceiling fan is one of the perfect choices to make for a room with a lower ceiling. It comes in a 52-inch reversible blade in dark-cherry, a perfect combination with oil-rubbed bronze housing and furniture. It is also very convenient when it comes to the installation. Its control comes in a pull-chain of 3-speed settings. There are also some add-on accessories including the wall control option with 4-speed settings, and light control options. All the pieces produced are tested regularly with the aim of its long-term usage. This Emerson ceiling fan is just 8 inches away from your ceiling, the perfect distance of a low-profile ceiling fan you can get.


  • Easy installation
  • Add-on accessories – Wall control and light fixture options
  • Tested regularly before selling – long useful life
  • Limited lifetime motor warranty

9. Minka-Aire F518L-WH Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire F518L-WH Ceiling Fan

This Minka-Aire ceiling fan gives them all to you – the quality, comfort, reliability, and stylishness. Coming in a 44-inch reversible blade, it’s not only looking sleek in design but it also easily controls the air circulation inside your room in terms of performance. It comes with an LED light that saves you from having to install any additional lightbulb in your room. With the 4-speed settings on the remote control, you can use it for all-year-round with your cooling needs. The remote control can also be used to monitor your lighting. On top of the remote-control option, you can as well control this low-profile ceiling fan through your smart devices by connecting to the Wi-Fi. Just downloaded the Bond Home App in your android phone or iOS, and all is done. See? A really quick and easy setup. Moreover, there’s an optional length of down rods that can fit into your small or large room based on your desire.


  • High performance, stylishness, and reliability
  • LED light that can be controlled using the remote control
  • Additional Wi-Fi option to connect to the fan for easy control
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Different lengths of down rods to choose
  • 30-day replacement parts policy, and a 1-year warranty for the Amazon purchase

8. Mazon Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Mazon Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

This Mazon Flush Mount ceiling fan comes in a set of style and functionality. This design goes pretty well with the current trend of housing décor. Before releasing for sale, this low-profile ceiling fan has gone through various testing that guarantees its functionality, basic cleaning, and repackaging. It comes in 3 blades of 44 inches. Its dark-cherry blades go really well with the housing and hardware of oil-rubbed bronze. It also has a built-in LED light that can help eliminate the use of extra lightbulb in your room. With the included remote control, you can control the lighting and the speed of the fan with ease. You’ll get the wall cradle to securely place your remote control as well. The airflow capacity of this flush mount ceiling fan is quite high of 2845 cubic feet per minute.


  • Style and functionality
  • Suitable for the current trend of housing décor
  • Went through various testing
  • Easily control the fan speed and the lighting with the remote control

7. Casa Vieja Hugger Low-profile Ceiling Fan

Casa Vieja Hugger Low-profile Ceiling Fan

By purchasing this Casa Vieja hugger low-ceiling profile, you’ll get the benefit of both the cool breeze and the additional LED light. It features a 4-silver blade of 52 inches that creates an airflow of 5082 cubic feet per minute. This airflow capacity is a big upgrade from the previous ceiling fan. In this sense, it helps maximize the airflow inside your living space. The airflow efficiency level is 85 cubic feet per minute per watt. It also comes in LED light that is energy-efficient of 15 watts. With the hand-held remote control, you can easily control the power on/off, speed of the fan, as well as the lighting.


  • Higher air circulation
  • LED light – energy efficient
  • Easily control the fan and the lighting with the hand-held remote

6. Ceiling Fan by Westinghouse Lighting

Ceiling Fan by Westinghouse Lighting

This ceiling fan by Westinghouse Lighting has a sleek design of gunmetal color that delivers a stylish decoration to your room. It comes with a 42-inch reversible black and graphite blades that really suits the current trend of housing. Coming with a LED light feature, you can save up from having to install another lightbulb to your room. With its high-quality motor, this low-profile ceiling fan can give off a powerful airflow without any noise concern. This fan also delivers an airflow capacity of 2897 cubic feet per minute. There is also a special function called “reverse function” which the fan can perform well in both winter and summer season. Excluding the light, this fan uses up to 53 watts for its performance and has the airflow efficiency of 55 cubic feet per minute per watt.


  • Delivers a trendy look to your housing
  • Includes LED light – Save you from installing extra lightbulb
  • Delivers a powerful airflow with no noise concern
  • Reverse function – suitable for both summer and winter
  • Lifetime warranty for motor, and a 2-year warranty for all other parts

5. Ceiling Fan by Reiga

Ceiling Fan by Reiga

Ranking 5th, this ceiling fan by Reiga comes with the silicon steel DC motor and the built-in LED light kits. The lighting comes in 3 color temperature settings – warm white, cool white, and full light. This light is adjustable to ensure your eyes get better protection. Additionally, this modern low-profile ceiling fan can perfectly bend to your demands. In summer, it can provide the cool breeze with its blade movement. In the winter, it can circulate a warmer air to keep the temperature just right for you and your family. Basically, you’ll have less demand for air-conditioning or heater saving you both the money and utility bills. With its 52 inches of 3 silver blades and the strong motor, this fan delivers a large air movement of 5614 cubic feet per minute in a noiseless manner. With the provided remote control, you can control the fan and the lighting at ease. In terms of fan performance, you can as well set the timer. Last but not least, this low-profile ceiling fan is quick and easy to install.


  • Adjustable LED light – warm white, cool white, and full light
  • Perfect for both summer and winter
  • Save money and electricity bills
  • Noiseless
  • Timer-setting
  • Quick and easy to set up

4. Ceiling Fan by Hyperikon

Ceiling Fan by Hyperikon

With its BLDC (brushless DC) motor, this ceiling fan Hyperikon has no heating of the motor and is expected to have a much longer useful life. Encircled in a sleek iron body and 3 copper blades of 52 inches, this fan delivers quite a sturdy and powerful air movement. You can literally control this fan from anywhere in your living space by using the remote control. It comes in various functions including a 6-speed level, power on/off, changing the spinning direction, lighting control, and timer-setting. It targets the perfect use for both summer and winter. In winter, you can set the fan to the clockwise direction to collect the lost heat from the ceiling. And in the summer, you can switch to the anti-clockwise to create a cooling effect. This fan also comes with an LED light features just like most of the low-profile ceiling fans out there. In this sense, you have no need for another lightbulb added to your room.


  • No overheating motors
  • Longer useful life
  • Delivers a sturdy and powerful air
  • Easily control the fan and the lighting with the remote control
  • Perfect for both summer and winter
  • LED light
  • 5-year warranty

3. Ceiling Fan by Hunter Fan Company

Ceiling Fan by Hunter Fan Company

This is a classic ceiling fan with an LED light that can deliver an ultra-powerful airflow with a noiseless concern. It is perfect for usage in both summer and winter. By changing the fan direction to the clockwise, you can collect the heated air from the ceiling that is perfect for the winter season. Also, you can switch to the anti-clockwise direction if you want to get a cool breeze in the summer weather. As for the control option, it is available in a pulling chain. By pulling the metal chain hanging from the fan motor, you can power on/off, and adjust the speed of the fan accordingly. The built-in LED light further delivers you the energy-efficient lighting throughout your living space.


  • Delivers a powerful airflow without noise concern
  • Perfect use for summer and winter
  • Energy-efficient LED light

2. Ceiling Fan by Honeywell

Ceiling Fan by Honeywell

Standing at 2nd, this ceiling fan by Honeywell has quite a modern-look at every glance. With its built-in lightbulb, it can literally light up your whole space with brightness. This fan comes in a tri-mount compatible feature. In this sense, it can be hanged in 3 different ways – close, standard down rod, or angled. It also comes in reversible blades that perform its function in a quiet manner. These reversible blades enable the fan to be used in both the summer and winter seasons. Plus, this fan is just perfect for a medium-sized room. Not least of all, coming with remote control, you can conveniently control your fan in a 3-speed setting.


  • Modern-look from every glance
  • Tri-mount compatible feature
  • Can be used all year round
  • Noiseless performance
  • Conveniently control the fan with the remote control
  • Lifetime limited warranty

1. Ceiling Fan by Prominence Home

Ceiling Fan by Prominence Home

Coming 1st at the top pick list is the ceiling fan by Prominence Home. By adding this model of a low-profile ceiling fan to your room, you’ll upgrade your room vibe to the vintage style. As for its versatility in usages, this fan can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings. Regardless of where you hang this low-profile ceiling fan, you’ll definitely enjoy its aesthetic vibe. Thus, the built-in LED light is not only suitable for indoor usage, but it is also more than enough to light up the outdoor space as well. On top of that, this ceiling fan comes with a quiet motor when in performance and can be used for both cold and hot season just like the rest on the list.


  • Vintage style
  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoors
  • Aesthetic
  • Noiseless performance
  • Can be used for hot and cold weather
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Overall, the low-profile ceiling fan can come in various features, sizes, and fan capacity. We hope the buying guides we included for you, and the sorted top 10 picks can better equip you for better decision-making. However, it does not mean you have to adherently follow the ranking shown. You can freely choose the perfect one based on your rational thoughts – be it your specific preference, or your budget plan. At the end of the day, the choice is yours to make. So, have fun shopping!

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